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Abuja-Kaduna train cannot run faster because we don’t want to kill cows – Ameachi



Nigerian minister of transport, Rotimi Amaechi, said the Abuja-Kaduna standard gauge rail line cannot run faster than 90 kilometres per hour because the government does not want it killing cows.

The minister’s explanation will generate reactions, particularly because Nigeria is plagued by herders/nomads’ clashes, majorly in north central part of the country, which claims thousands of lives in the last two years. The government’s inability to stop the killings allegedly by herders, fuel suspicion that it’s protecting them – an allegation the government strongly denied.

He was speaking at the 24th Nigerian Economic Summit in Abuja on Tuesday.

“We are doing 90km/h with Abuja to Kaduna, the reason we are doing 90km/h is because there are cows everywhere, and we don’t want to kill cows. The other day they tried 100 and they killed how many cows, and they said ‘you people should replace the cows you killed.

“From that day, I have said let us maintain the 90km/h; at 120km/h you get to Kaduna in one hour. You can work in Kaduna and live in Abuja. It was initially one, but now, we have done four locomotives with 14 coaches.”

Amaechi, who spoke about local problems being faced by the rail system said Nigeria has more than enough to transport via rail, before stating restrictions caused by cows.

“The reason why we want to go back to narrow gauge is because between Lagos and Kano, we have 30 million tonnes of cargo. Even if you do three rail lines, it cannot be enough,” Amaechi said.

“It took us 14 days to move coaches from Lagos to Abuja; every day we go and ask, how far, they say we are near Ogun state…  14 days.

“But if it were rail, the same day, it will get to Abuja. The kind of construction we are doing is 120 kilometres per hour (Km/h), it is a speed train,” he said.

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