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OPINION: APC guber primaries: How the mighty have fallen in Borno



Once upon a time, Senator Ali Sheriff popularly known as SAS mattered in politics. He ruled Borno for nearly two decades, as a senator for 8 years and as a Governor for another 8 years, wielded massive power visibly across the greater Borno (Borno and Yobe) as well as in the center where he’s used his wealth and ability to outlandishly buy his way through.

Post 2011 elections however saw Sheriff made a simple political miscalculation, the typical human error similitude to the type that caused Japan Nuclear Conversion Company a liability estimated at 13 billion yen, and license revoked early in 2000…..lose everything, sadly he still couldn’t read between the lines to realize the truth, but then he won’t because that’s why he is in the political quagmire that he’s found himself in.

There’s everything for him to learn from Jagaban, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, but alas instead of aligning to borrow a leaf of how to continue to not only tame but be the political Don Corleone of the region, he was reported to have even confronted and even attempted to get physical with Jagaban during the 2010-2011 merger days.

Look at the political scene today, in Lagos with all that Ambode did and was doing, the Governors Advisory Committee led by Jagaban resolved to pitch another candidate as Governor of Lagos state and no one objected, even the Vice President was said to be in attendance.

Shift the scope to Borno and you’d see a politically confused Ali Sheriff running from pillar to post trying to impose self rellevance. The igbos say “He who the gods want dead (in this case politically dead) first they make mad (in this case politically mad)….and sadly it’s not just common symptoms, it’s straight schizophrenia (a form of insanity where the person is withdrawn from reality).

First of all you can’t tell whether he’s PDP or APC , then he’s a mole, then he fought to be chairman of PDP, then ran back home , then decided to pitch a southern Borno candidate who it was alleged and taken up in reports that he collected N300m from the candidate who also represents a classical case of “moronic political tendencies”.- swindled with just 114 votes. Others guided by him ended up with no votes at the primaries.

I can’t recall who, I once saw a quote on Facebook that goes “ THEORY OF REJECTION: If a system (political system in this case) rejects a sub-system (Ali Sheriff in this case), no efforts and strategy will align it back again, even if it does its only for a little while that the sub-system will fall out again. Know your place in society, play wise for the people are more conscious now, they know too much now.

Post-disaster Borno. People know Osinbajo had established an orphanage, a complete home that holds over 400 kids, You have in your fleet an 11billion Naira 18 seater Lear jet, I ask you WHAT 1 TANGIBLE THING HAVE YOU DONE HERE?. You have not even officially commiserated with the people of Borno over the crisis, you only talk of Borno and the crisis when you are in defense or when you play that political gimmick that only dumb politicians listen.

Politics and the roles people play are in layers, interwoven to achieve goal set but absolutely different and there isn’t any way one can take up or assume more than one role…these intriguing framework of politics is what Bundi kura failed to comprehend and that costed him dearly that today the king of the political jungle is now just a mere puppy . Allah Sarki muruchin kan dutse a jiya yau anayi masa kallon dankali , sad, how the mighty have fallen.

Grema Kachalla wrote in from the Bama IDP camp in Maiduguri

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