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Parents of slain aid worker insists on retrieving body for proper burial



The family of the late Hauwa Liman, has insisted  in retrieving the body of the late health worker for proper burial.

The Islamic State West Africa Province (ISWAP), a faction of Boko Haram, executed Hauwa Liman, an aide worker with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

Hauwa’s mother insisted that burying her daughter would put her mind at rest, just as she still hangs on to her faith that her daughter is still living.

“In my strong believe, I’m very sure my daughter is still alive somewhere, they should please release my daughter to me

“I will asks them for her body so that I can see before I bury her, so all what I want is her corpse. If she was killed, let them bring her corpse, so that we can bury her in Islamic way, so that our mind will be in peace otherwise we can’t forget this incident.  All the members of the family feel very bad about it,  “ Hauwa’s mother said.

The late Hauwa’s father, Mr. Mohammed  Liman expressed doubts over the veracity of the news about the execution of his daughter by Boko Haram, and demanded for her body. “I don’t  believe that she was killed because there is no evidence, even she had been killed, they should release her dead body to me so that I conduct proper Islamic burial for her, “Liman said.

The mother also prayed that what happened to her daughter shouldn’t happen to other girls or anybody in the hands of Boko Haram.  “I want the government to take immediate action as it has happened to my daughter , I don’t want it happen to other daughters, even though I am not sure that my daughter has been killed , Yes I am not sure because there is no evidence my daughter is deads,” she said.

Hauwa’s mother also said that she approved of her daughter’s decision to work in the area so that she could save lives of women and newborns at risk.  “She wanted to help humanity,  in fact she was so interested  to go to remote villages of Rann.  We also  wanted her to serve humanity.  In  fact the knowledge she had was  useful at that place, because the number of  IDP was so much.  So  many women and children are  in need.  I told her she could  go,  that’s my home, go and treat the people over there and she went after just 10days, she was abducted it is now 7 months and 16 days only to be told yesterday that had been executed by insurgents,”  Hauwa’s mother said, fighting back tears.

Borno Sate governor Kashim Shettima accompanied by the Borno State APC gubernatorial candidate, Prof Babagana  Umara Zulum visited Liman’s family.

Shettima  said  “Hauwa  lost her life while serving humanity. May Hauwa’s  soul rest in peace”.

The governor’s delegation also offered prayers for the repose of the soul of Hauwa Leman.

It will be recalled that Hauwa was executed by Boko after the Federal Government failed  to meet their ultimatum. The insurgents after the brutal execution informed that they will keep Leah and Alice in their custody as salves for life.

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