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After ‘carelessly’ setting her home on fire, TVC presenter tearfully apologises to husband on TV



Morayo Afolabi-Brown, host of popular TV talk show, “Your View”, on Friday, apologized to her husband on live TV over a careless statement she made on air.

The talkshow host was in the news on Wednesday for saying that she trusts her husband but wouldn’t allow him bathe their daughter.

Ms. Afolabi-Brown, who is the daughter of the late activist, Alao Aka-Bashorun, made the submission during an episode of the popular morning show.

She said her stance was based on the increasing tales of sexual abuses carried out on little girls by their fathers.

Her statement generated a lot of criticism and backlash from people especially on social media.

TVC official twitter handle also tweeted her exact statements.

The tweets read, I absolutely trust my husband but I won’t take chances and have him bathe my daughter, because whether we like it or not, there is something flying in the air these days that is encouraging imbalance and immoralities. ~ @moakabash #YourViewTVC

In spite of negative reactions that immediately trailed her statement, the TV presenter insisted that she was not wrong.

In a video posted on Instagram on Thursday, she said her husband was not a pedophile, but “a responsible decent man” who “can never do anything to hurt any of his children.”

She, however, doubled down by saying she was speaking for women who keep quiet despite knowing their husbands are sexually abusing their daughters.

“So understand this, there are women who have used their life to vouch that their husbands would never abuse their daughters yet we see it happen. Let’s make it easy for those women to speak up. Let’s make it easy for girls to speak up about their abusers, even if it’s their father!” she added in the caption to the video.

During the live recording of her show on Friday morning, a tearful Morayo apologized to her hubby.

She said; “The last 24 hours have been tougher than I expected, my sincere apologies to my husband, I love, trust and respect you! It was an error and I’m really sorry”, she said on the show on Friday morning.

“It was not my intention. I love, trust and respect you.

“You do not deserve all the horrible things people have said about you.

Mrs Afolabi-Brown’s husband is a lawyer and a businessman.

Culled from Premium Times

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