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Zamfara Operation: Police Rescue 20 Personnel, Lose 16 Gallant Officers



The Police Joint Intervention Force under the command of Deputy Inspector General of Police, Department of Operations deployed by the Inspector General of Police to Zamfara State to rout-out all armed bandits and other criminal elements in the state is making progress in the operations.

The search and rescue operations embarked on by the Police Joint Intervention Force to rescue the missing Police Personnel after the 29th November, 2018, onslaught on the armed bandits in which 104 armed bandits were killed, fifty (50) bandits hideouts in three (3) camps destroyed and recovery of over five hundred (500) cattle and seventy nine (79) sheep from the possession of the armed bandits resulted in the successful rescue of Twenty (20) Policemen alive, while Sixteen (16) Police Personnel were found dead after the rescue operations carried out by the Police Joint Intervention Force.

Police Special Forces personnel, Counter Terrorism Unit, Police Mobile Force, Federal SARS personnel with three (3) surveillance patrol helicopters have commenced an on-going operation being strengthened to rout-out the remnants armed bandits and other criminal elements in the caves and mountains in the identified bandits hideouts in some locations in Zamfara State.

The Inspector General of Police condoles with the families of the deceased Policemen, directs befitting burials for the gallant officers and prompt processing and payments of the life assurance benefits and other entitlements to their families.

The IGP is saddened with the death of the gallant officers whom he describes as heroes of the Force; their demise is a great loss to Nigeria Police Force and our dear Nation, Nigeria.

The supreme price they paid for the security and safety of the Country will not be in vain.

The Nigeria Police Force despite this unfortunate death of the Sixteen (16) Police personnel will not relent in ensuring that armed banditry, other violent crimes and criminalities are brought to the end Zamfara State.

Members of the public with any information or in distress in any part of the State should call the following Police Joint Intervention Control Centre through the following numbers 08037025670, 08033210966, 08033312261, 08123829666, 09053872244, 07082351758, 08091914752

SP Mohammed Shehu
Police Public Relations Officer
For :- Commissioner of Police Zamfara State Police Command Gusau

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