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Boko Haram: MNJTF launches new operation in Lake Chad area



The Multi-National Joint Task Force (MNJTF), has launched a new operation to push back Boko Haram insurgents to the Lake Chad fringes.

MNJTF spokesman, Col Timothy Antigha, said in a statement from the force headquarters in N’Djamena, Chad, that the new operation code-named Operation Yancin Tafki, was to take the battle to the remaining Boko Haram in their hideout around the Lake Chad fringes.

“The aim of the operation is to take the battle to the remaining last hideouts of Boko Haram terrorists within the designated area of responsibility of the MNJTF and subsequently rout the terrorists,” he said.

Antigha said the gaps in “defensive positions” around the Lake Chad which led to a deadly attack by Boko Haram on military locations at Metele, Arege and later Baga where over 25 officer and soldiers were killed late last year have now been blocked against the insurgents.

He said the commitment of the new operation was a follow up to a summit of governments of states of the Lake Chad Basin Commission, including Cameroon Republic, Chad, Nigeria, and the Niger Republic last year in N’Djamena. He said the summit led by President Muhammadu Buhari, agreed to fine-tune bilateral relations and agreement aimed at “dealing with the Boko Haram problem.

“This operation is therefore expected to give concrete and far-reaching expressions to the resolutions of that summit,” he explained.

He urged the media in the participating countries to remain resolute and committed to reporting the Boko Haram violence in a more professional way especially with the new challenge of fake news.

The Al-Barnawi group of the Islamic State of West Africa (ISWA) has been operating in the Lake Chad fringes, frequently attacking military locations and communities.

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