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Buhari approves 5-year single tenure for polytechnic rectors



President Muhammadu Buhari yesterday assented to a bill on the amendment of Federal Polytechnic Act.

With the assent, polytechnic rectors are to serve for five-year single tenure as the case of vice chancellors of universities.

Before the amendment, polytechnic rectors serve for four years renewable term.

Presidential aide on National Assembly (House), Umar Ibrahim El-Yakub, said the new amendment seeks to harmonize the tenure of the rectors of the Federal Polytechnics, retirement age of the staff as well as the establishment of the governing council.

“Membership of the council will be a five- man council and will be chaired by a chairman. The law also provides that such membership must be a reflection of the Federal Character.

“The new law also provides that each rector is expected to serve a single term of five years. This means that where anyone is currently appointed to serve for four years, it shall be extended to five years,” he said.

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