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Army refutes video clip of soldiers on B’Haram war, claim it was shot during ‘Jonathan’ era



The Nigerian Army has denied claims in a video clip, in circulation, alleging that it lacks adequate arms and ammunition to prosecute the war against Boko Haram.

Army spokesman, Brig.-Gen. Sani Usman said, in a statement, on Monday, the claim was not true, insisting that the video was recorded in 2014 – a period when President Goodluck Jonathan was still in power.

“The attention of the Nigerian Army has been drawn to an old video clip circulating on the social media in which a supposedly soldier clad with an AK-47 rifle alleging lack of arms and ammunition, among other soldiers in a remote location walking.

“This is not true, as the video was recorded in 2014 and therefore cannot be a true reflection of the present reality. The public are please requested to discontenance the video clip,” he said.

The video clip has been trending in the social media since Sunday noon.

In the video, a fleeing soldier with the Nigerian Army was heard saying that they lacked basic weapons to fight better equipped and well-armed Boko Haram fighters and that they will only do so if the Nigerian Army is ready to equip them with better weapons.

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