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Nigeria wins African Women Champion for 9th time



Nigeria relied on penalty kicks to claim the African Women Football Championship for the 9th time in a grueling encounter, with star player Azizsat Oshola losing a 75th minute penalty.

The match ended goalless at regulation time and had to be stretched into 30-minutes of extra time.

Still goalless after added time, the game had to be dragged into penalty shoot out.

Nigeria lost her first spot kick but rallied to convert the remaining four to send Nigerians into wild celebration after the game ended 4-2 with South Africa losing her second and fourth kicks.

The Super Falcons and Nigeria had goalkeeper Toochukwu Oluehi to thank for saving the last South African kick.

Sport historians said that the last time South African ladies gave their Nigerian counterparts the type scare witnessed in the final of the championship was at the 2003 All Africa Games in which Nigeria won 1-0 to claim the gold medal.

To play in the finals of the competition, the Super Falcons also had to rely on penalty shot out to defeat Cameroon to set up a clash with South Africa.

Ironically, the Super Falcons lost their opening group game 1-0 to South Africa and had to rise from the ashes of that defeat to coast home to victory in the game concluded inside the main bowl of Accra sports stadium.

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