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British Prime Minister Theresa May suffers historic defeat as parliament rejects fresh Brexit deal



Members of the United Kingdom Parliament on Tuesday rejected the latest Brexit deal proposed by Prime Minister Theresa May.

Lawmakers voted 432-202 to hand Mrs May a defeat that was unprecedented for a ruling party in the country’s history, the BBC reported.

The rejected deal had set out the terms of Britain’s scheduled exit from the European Union on March 29. The defeat could bring an end to Ms May’s government.

Already, Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has tabled a vote of no confidence in the government, which could trigger a general election, BBC reported.

Ms May said she would make time for a debate on the motion on Wednesday.

Mr Corbyn said the confidence vote would allow the Commons to “give its verdict on the sheer incompetence of this government”.

The BBC cited a Democratic Unionist Party as saying they will back Ms May in a confidence vote.

If lawmakers vote to back a no-confidence motion, the government, or anyone else who can command a majority, would get 14 days to win a further confidence vote.

If they cannot win that, a general election will be then held.

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