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Polyamory: Woman with 4 boyfriends falls pregnant – all of them agrees to raise the baby



A polyamorous woman is pregnant with a baby by one of her four boyfriends – and wants all of them to raise the baby together.

Tory Ojeda lives with three of her partners in Jacksonville, Florida, and is the only one who has multiple lovers.

She met Marc, 18, in high school and then started a relationship with Travis, 23, two months later.

Tory also got together with long-term pals Ethan, 22, and Christoper, also 22.

Seven months ago, she and Chris found out they were pregnant with a baby girl.

Tory said: “Chris is the biological father. We just know that because of timing and when the approximate conception date was.

“Based on the approximate conception day, we had been on vacation. So it was only us.

“But as far as I guess, socially goes, we’re all raising the baby together, so everyone’s dad.

“We’re all very, very excited to be raising a baby together.’

Asked how he feels about sharing responsibility for the baby, Chris replied: “It’s definitely a little interesting.

“I grew up with the idea of you know, one dad, one mum. But there is a lot of support between all of us dads and it’s something we can tag team.

“We always joke about the idea of getting stuck in an endless loop of go ask your dad.”

However, some members of their families are still reeling from the news.

Tory said: “Most of my friends know all my partners and they love us and think that we’re cute and such.

“My family is kind of quiet about their disapproval. Polyamory is definitely an uncommon thing.

“A lot of people have grown up in monogamy culture of, you don’t really love someone if you have eyes for somebody else.”

Chris added: “My family is slowly coming around to the idea. The pregnancy has helped with that.

“But at the very beginning, I know my mother and father were hesitant about it.

Tory says her other boyfriends are “welcome” to go date other people if they want to.

They all have their own bedrooms but her partners “swap in and out” of her bed each night, making sure each of them gets an ‘”equal turn” in spending the night with her.

On the issue of jealousy, Ethan said: “There are a couple of healthy ways to deal with it. Primarily just talking to each other.”

Travis added: “There’s always going to be like little moments of jealousy, it does take a certain amount of restraint and just getting relaxed.

“I will say it helps if you know the person.”

Culled from Daily Star

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